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IME 5.0

Digital foundation for your manufacturing

Why IME?

In order to make the company truly effective we need in addition to manufacturing also to optimize all the non-manufacturing functions where mainly during information processing a lot of resources of the company are lost. All that we gain with big efforts in the manufacturing we may lose easily while processing information. Measurable wastage is only the top of the iceberg. The main damage is caused by wasted sales opportunities and the loss of trust. In order to avoid such losses, the manufacturing, sales and supportive functions of manufacturing need to be made to interact in real-time, so that all supply chain participants would be changing information automatically. All segments of the company are dedicated to the same goal, but they do it from their own perspective without paying enough attention to each other.

In summary ā€“ the interests of the parties seem to be different, but they all serve the common goal: to be a sustainable and trustful partner to their customers.

What is IME?

IME 5.0 has been established from the Japanese manufacturing philosophy. IME 5.0 assembles the components describing production and technology to entirety by providing at the same time a sufficiently detailed view for all departments. The basis is the technological route of the products that are described by terms such as: the product, configuration, processes, instructions, tasks, selectors, conditions, specifications, resources etc. By describing all these items to broad-based common entirety - will provide us the answers to all questions related to manufacturing.

Operating engineers are responsible for modernization and maintenance of the manufacturing information as they know the products and the used technologies of their company the best. This should exclude the duplication of the information, the amount of data errors decreases significantly, the efficiency and quality of data maintenance increases. The data stored in IME 5.0 is available to all systems that are used by the company. In addition, it is possible to link the data with different relevant documents (such as product drawings, work ā€“ and user manuals, internal guidelines, safety techniques etc.). If the company has set the target to make the existing supply chain more effective, it makes sense to use IME software before starting the development, in order to avoid possible misunderstandings with too simplified and one-sided technology in the future.

On the picture below is one real production product chart in the graphical form:

How to start the usage and how to implement?

IME is one of the base components of the software in the digital systems of the manufacture. It needs first to be implemented and then the other components can be modernized:

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