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Leanest MES

Leanest MES (Manufacturing Execution System) is the software to manage the manufacturing. The main purposes of our manufacturing centric IT solution are following:


As the definition “software to manage manufacturing” is very generic, an answer to the question “what is manufacturing” is needed. There will be though as many answers as the answerers - as each company sees, means and understands by manufacturing different processes. The transformation of the answer into bits and bytes is the Leanest MES.

The fact that each manufacturing is unique, puts the software developers into difficult situation. Similarly, as each companies’ manufacturing, also Leanest MES 2 application has its own feature. By comparing the different companies’ user interfaces of manufacturing software, we do not find many similarities. In this situation developing of the standardized software seems a difficult task.

Nevertheless, Leanest has taken this challenge. Leanest MES is a software, that allows to configure manufacturing solutions of different companies by using the same base software. It means that the architecture and the general business logic is in place and does not to be configured for each customer. All manufacturing related business processes will be configured for the customer by dividing them to specific sub-activities and phases. Under the customer related development belong mainly specific user interface and API that are being used for the communication with the end user. In very customer specific process phases, it is certainly possible to link special plugins that will be programmed for this purpose.

The world of IT is developing constantly ja the addition of new technologies is not a surprise to anyone. However, the use of new technologies in new applications is not always easy, given that the new must be constantly integrated with the old or the technological components must be constantly updated. Leanest MES has also accomplished this task. Keywords for naming software components are angularJs, grunt, bower, nodejs, Asp.Net WebApi, Odata, EF6, AutoMapper, CQRS, WCF, IOT, Hangfire, MSSql Server Express, Reporting Services.

Leanest MES was implemented from the Norwegian Financial Mechanism methods in the period 01.06.2014 - 30.11.2015.

Manufacturing Monitoring

The task of manufacturing monitoring is to show the current situation both in the production units and to receive an overview of the whole factory. For this purpose, it is necessary to measure the state of various processes: has the work started, how much has been done, what is the temperature of the device, the weight of the product? The list of points and parameters to be measured depends on the specifics of the production and the purpose of the monitoring.

Manufacturing monitoring is divided into the following modules:

Collection of the Product Information

Leanest MES preserves the entire history of the product. Product-related parameters, quality indicators, turnaround times, specifications are summarized. If necessary, the information is linked to a specific product batch or series.

Product information can be dynamically configured by the user depending on what data is collected and how it is used later. The application offers the possibility of later information analysis and statistics on various process steps and by-products.

Quality Assurance

Depending on the nature of the manufacturing, the parameters of the different products are measured, and limits are set. According to the limits, products can be managed or analyzed during the production to improve the product later and / or to provide feedback to the customer / supplier.

Manufacturing Optimization

Thanks to the fact that information about the manufacturing process, products and quality has already been collected in advance, it is possible to make the right decisions to optimize manufacturing.

Manufacturing optimization is associated with the greatest added value to the entire production and gives the main share of the efficiency gain achieved. For each production, the winnings are specific, but in general the topics can be divided into two:


The implementation of Leanest MES 2 is primarily related to understanding how specific production can be made more efficient. First, we identify potential gains along with financial numbers, after which the profitability of the investment is determined. At the end of the project, a very good basis is created to measure the success of the project. It is important to anticipate the key points of the efficiency right at the beginning of the project so that the whole team would support this. The team members implementing the Leanest MES 2 project also determine the success of the project.

The second component of implementation success is the core IT solution we use Leanest MES for. The strengths of Leanest MES are:

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